“I Needed Validation from the Audience”, Filmmaker Abba Makama on Culture Diaries| Watch


This week on the Culture Diaries couch with Host Wana Udobang is celebrated filmmaker, Abba T Makama.

“When I started making the types of films that I make, I felt nobody in this climate would ever get it…{but} I never needed validation or heads up from an audience”.- Abba T Makama

Makama is the film maker behind satirical works such as Green White Green, Quacks and Party of Ministers. Following the local and international acceptance and praise his work has received, Makama was recently compared to his idol, Michel Gondry.  On the show, he recalls the pleasant surprise at the acceptance of his work by Nigerians.

“We are attending Berlin Critics Week and no Nigerian Film has ever been invited to attend, critics week”, Makama said.

Makama explains that communicating in the language which cinephiles understood has possibly been the underlying factor which has aided the international appeal of his work. He also explains how some of the characters in his films draw references from portions of his own life

Makama concludes the interview by making us understand the ever changing landscape of the film world and how various filmmakers have contributed to these changes and in turn becoming gatekeepers of the industry. He uses this as a basis to draw parallels to what is happening in the Nigerian film industry.

Watch the interview below.

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