I Released My Nude Photos To Show The Woman I Have Become – Uche Ogbodo


Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, recently caused a stir on the internet after she released nude photos in celebration of her birthday. As expected, there was a reaction that followed, while some fans hailed her, some condemned the pictures. Reacting to the photos, the actress stated that she only wanted to show the world she had become.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the actress noted that she released the raunchy photos to let the world know the woman she had become. She said, “I wanted to show the world the woman I have become. I am grown, mature, daring, beautiful and confident.”

While reacting to the backlash she received from Nigerians, the actress said it was expected:

“Well, as a public figure, one would usually expect such backlash. Not everyone will sing your praises at all times. Some will definitely find faults with the things you do. So it was expected,” she said.

“My body is 100 per cent natural. I haven’t altered my body by having a surgery yet. I only dedicate my time to keeping fit and watching my diet. I have never considered plastic surgery. My body is perfect and I love it. I keep in shape so no need for plastic surgery.”

“Keeping fit is easy because it is something that can be done anywhere and anytime. It is really easy to combine it with my job. It doesn’t distract me at all. It helps me to also alleviate stress from my life. I love keeping fit.”

Speaking on her success as an actress, she said:

“It might be hard work, opportunity, and consistency. I am passionate about my job, I take it really seriously. I try to give my best to every role I’m given to play. I put my soul in it. I guess all these things play out well for me in keeping me in the movie scene. And finally, the fans love me and they are not tired of having me.”

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