Iconic 67 Year Old Supermodel Grace Jones Covers Paper Magazine! Slams Kanye West

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Iconic supermodel Grace Jones is the cover star of the latest issue of Paper Magazine. 


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The 67-year-old model and singer stars on one of the first of two covers for Paper magazine’s Nowstalgia issue, which focuses on how the past informs the present. She is accusing Kanye West of ‘ripping off’ the images taken of her by her former partner, famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude.

And while the 38-year-old rapper, may have been ‘paying homage’ to the duo when he used an image of his then-girlfriend Amber recreating one of the model’s iconic poses to launch his website in 2010, Grace said she is less than thrilled by the tribute.

‘Kanye has been ripping off stuff from me and Jean-Paul Goude for a long time, so it was no surprise to me,’ she says of the image, an outtake from Amber’s 2009 Complex magazine shoot, which was inspired by Grace’s work with Jean-Paul.

In 2014, Jean-Paul worked with Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian to recreate the ‘Champagne Incident’, the 1976 image he took of Carolina Beaumont opening a bottle of bubbly onto a glass balanced on her bottom.


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Click here to read the interview in the magazine!


Credits: Paper magazine | MailOnline




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