If You Don’t Have These 5 Eye-Shadow Palettes Then You’ve Not Started Slaying!


Eye shadow’s makes your eye pop and completes your look. It is very important to use makeup products that define and match your skin tone.

You want to achieve Osas Ighodaw’s look? then ocntinue reading…

We have compiled a list of eye shadow makeup product we think you should be using, because they are very affordable and are pigmented.

The 5 eye-shadow products listed below are matte, and they are in different shades like muti – colours, nude colours and both. With these eye shadows you dont need a base because they won’t smudge and they are soft and they come out nicely.

Lets check them out!

ma 1

Juvia’s place- neutral colours


ma 2

Juvia’s place Nubian 2 palette -Bright colours

ma 3

Morphe- All colours

ma 4

Colour pop-Nude makeup

ma 5

Elsas pro – All colours

Photo Credit:

Instagram/ Osas Igahodaw

Colour pop/google / morphe/ google /juvia/ google Elsas/ google

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