#iLoyal: Blackmagic & Fans Pay Tribute To National Heros – What Are You Loyal To?

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Afro Centric rapper Blackmagic in the last few days has sprung engaging discussions and trends with fans on social media with his #iLoyal trend with engaging photos and tweets.

Blackmagic began this trend by posting the tweet “Are You Loyal? What are you Loyal to? #iLoyal #BOB”. He continued by posting photos of National heroes like Fela Kuti, MKO Abiola, Nelson Mandela and more with powerful quotes on loyalty.

Fans soon joined the bandwagon and began to tweet the #iLoyalhashtag and retweet photos, forming their own quotes for the #iLoyal trend.

See some of his posts below!



Blackmagic-OnoBello (3) Blackmagic-OnoBello (5)

Blackmagic-OnoBello (2) Blackmagic-OnoBello (6)Blackmagic-OnoBello (4)


This social media activity leads to Blackmagic’s birthday tomorrow April 21st, and one can only wonder what he has planned to celebrate him adding another year.

Now the question is….What are you loyal to? Join the  #iLoyalhashtag and shine a light on someone who has expressed loyalty towards you!





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