I’m Not A Trophy! Cara Delevingne Goes Nude For Anti-Poaching Campaign

Cara Delevingne has been named the face of the first international I’m Not a Trophy campaign. The initiative is aimed at encouraging greater education, understanding, and appreciation of the tragic acts of trophy hunting.

“I am extremely passionate about animals and am so honored to be representing an organization and cause that is fighting for the rights of these innocent lives,” Delevingne said of the campaign.

Spectacular photographs of various endangered species have been imposed onto nude images of Delevingne, all taken and created by French artist Arno Elias to bring recognition to the incredibly overlooked decimation of the world’s wildlife population; including rhinos, elephants, and lions amongst other species.

According to the group, “this imagery of Cara with endangered species printed on her skin is a great driving force because she does not only deliver a message to address the memorial of these hunted species but to empower young women. These photographs show liberation of women and the vice to make an impact on a greater cause.”

Check out her awesome photos below!

CARA (1) CARA (2)
CARA (3) CARA (4)

CARA (5)

Photo credit: I’mnotatrophy.org

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