Interview: It’s Definitely Not Hard! “Sho Lee” Crooner Sean Tizzle Shoots To Fame With Just Two Singles, Says “It’s Time To Work Harder”

Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele Morihanfen, popularly known as Sean Tizzle is certainly the rave of the moment with the one-shot-one-kill hit single “Sho Lee” that launched him into the music industry.

Talented singer, entertainer, songwriter with a voice that set him apart amongst his contemporaries, his style of music is an infusion of Afrobeat and Pop. In 2011, he was featured on one of D’Tunes&#39 releases – “Thank the Lord,” which also featured Yemi Alade.

After it was announced that D’Tunes has launched his own label “Difference Entertainment,” Sean Tizzle who was the first and the only artiste on the label released his singles “Sho Lee” and “Boogie Down.” The former, “Sho Lee” immediately catapulted Sean to the front row of Nigeria’s Entertainers. The song was accompanied by a spectacular video that enhanced its success.

With just two singles, Sean Tizzle has become the life of Entertainment shows performing at the on-going Star Trek, alongside 2Face Idibia, Kcee, Sound Sultan and more, also at the Nokia LumiaBeat Party, DKM Industry Night, AY Live Abuja and has also been nominated in 2 categories (Most Popular Song of the Year & Best New Act) at the upcoming City People Entertainment Awards. caught up with Sean Tizzle to quiz him on how he managed to accrue so much success in such a short period, he was glad to oblige and also gave us some exclusive scoop on his next step. Read about this and Sean’s ‘beef’ for colour blocking in this chat.

OB: Can you tell us about your childhood, parents, siblings and educational background?
ST: My real names are Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele Morihanfen from Ondo state; I am from a family of 6 but lost my sister few years back so now we are 5. I’m the second to the last child. I attended C&S Primary School, Command Secondary School, Ibadan, then University of Ibadan where I studied Theatre Art.

OB:  What was growing up like for you?
ST: Having to shuttle between 2 states, that is, Lagos and Ibadan, I can say growing up was fun… pretty much.

OB:  When did you start music professionally?
ST: Professionally, I started about 5 years ago

OB: What were the major challenges you faced as an upcoming artiste?
ST: Everything! I went through every challenge a young artiste goes through to get to where I am today.

OB: How does it feel to own a hit song such as “Sho Lee”?
ST: Wow, it feels great! But again, it only shows I have to work harder.

OB: What influenced the song?
ST: (Laughs), it’s basically girls that like to form, so I was basically asking “is she hard or not, and why is she forming as if she hard?”

OB: Did you anticipate the song doing well as it is doing right now?
ST: Yes I knew the song was going do well, but I didn’t know it was going to do well as fast as it did. It got to the peak in barely 2 months.

OB: What were the main influences that helped kickstart your journey into music?
ST: I have always loved music and art, hence my studying Theatre in school. I can say that kick started it for me.

OB: How did you meet D’Tunes, the CEO of Difference Music?
ST: I met D’Tunes in 2009 in a studio at Ikorodu, here in Lagos. We just connected and ever since, we have been friends.

OB: So with the success of “Sho Lee” & “Boogie Down,” what else should we be expecting from you?
ST: You know, good music, expect the best of music and great sounds.

OB: We know that D’Tunes is also a producer, apart from being the CEO of the label, do you plan on working with any other producer?  
ST: Well, if that is going to happen, the label would decide.

OB: When can we finally have your songs in an album?
ST: The thing about album is that it has to come with great demand from fans so once again, I will let my fans and label decide that too.

OB: You just got nominated for the City People Entertainment Awards, How does it feel to know you are being recognized for your work?
ST: I appreciate the recognition but I like to stay focused and not get caught up in the hype, therefore, this is only a prompting to make myself better.

OB:  If you are to classify your kind of music, what will you call it?
ST: I simply make good music – “Happy People Music.”

OB: Where do you see yourself in the next 2-5 years?
ST: With the platform given to me by my fans, I see myself leaving my indelible mark on the sands of the Entertainment Industry. I will also like to give back to those who made me – the fans.

OB: What is a regular day in your life?
ST: To put that in a simple way, a regular day in my life is a day with 1 interview during the day and 1 show at night (Laughs).

OB: Are you a football freak like most Nigerian men? Which team do you support?
ST: Yes! I support Barcelona.

OB:  What is a fashion no-no for you?
ST: I don’t like the colour blocking fashion trend… that’s a no-no for me.

OB: What are your immediate future plans, any project, upcoming shows, endorsement etc?
ST: First, my next single is due to drop soon, I just dropped the 2nd episode of the chronicles of Sean Tizzle. I will also be doing alot of charity projects soon. I will be travelling alot for shows and more, you guys will know about all this when it starts to unfold so let’s wait and see (Laughs).

OB: Any last word?
ST: To everyone that has supported my music and the Sean Tizzle brand, thank you all for the support… God bless you.

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Watch the video of the hit single “ Sho Lee” here:



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