Interview: Nse Ikpe-Etim Talks Passion For Cooking, Movies, Future In Music & Fashion Choices


Nse Ikpe-Etim is a lady that never seizes to amaze with her talent, charisma and poise, oh how we love her! She is a woman of many good things, talented actress and beautiful wife to Clifford Sule who she said ‘I Do’ to last year April.

Well… since is all about celebrating achievements, we thought to do an exclusive interview with this down-to-earth and charming woman in the wake of her outstanding win at the 2014 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) for “Best Actress” in”Journey to Self” in the drama category, we were beyond curious to know what she&#39s been up to since she’s been in the United Kingdom.

You sure will enjoy this read as she spoke openly and candidly her fashion choices!


OB: Are you working on any movie project(s) at the moment?

NIE: I’m getting into character for one as we speak. I start shooting my next project in Abuja in about five days or so. There are a few others lined up, so it going to be a very busy trip back to Nigeria. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the names of these projects yet, but as soon as I’m allowed to spill my guts, will be the first to know. But what I can say is, the scripts I’ve received are fantastic and I look forward to making them come to life.

OB: Besides acting, what&#39s the one thing you really are passionate about?

NIE: I really love to cook, I imagine this is no surprise yes? Also I have been volunteering at a few community based projects recently. I am finding that lending a helping hand is a very rewarding feeling. I fear that I may soon become addicted to volunteer work.

OB: Should we expect to see you make appearances on the music scene?

NIE: Well I have always wanted to work with Pharell, probably have him write and produce my album. The only hitch with this plan is that, while I have an acceptable bathroom singing voice, I doubt it would actually fetch me any record sales. So if you have a magic potion to give me a voice like say… Waje’s and a way to contact Pharell, by all means count me in. But until then I’m happy to simply be Nse Ikpe-Etim- actor and food lover.

OB: What music artists are you listening to?

NIE: I am currently listening to ‘A Great Big World’ and also ‘Say Something with Christina’, I absolutely love it.

OnoBello OnoBello

OB: You must have been shopping in the UK! What favorite fashion buys have you collected?

NIE: Funny you say this I actually don&#39t enjoy the process of shopping. I am a hopeless couch potato. But if I must, I do it online. Otherwise I just go to Brent Cross and see what is in the offing. My stylist is to blame for this. She pretty much handles what I wear, so I can concentrate on finding Pharell for my album. *Laughs*

OB: Do you favour high-end designer labels, or you are indifferent?

NIE: I’m a function based person. I won’t refuse an outfit I like because it isn’t by a hot shot designer. If I need to go somewhere, the type of occasion determines what I’ll throw on. I am trying to wean myself off slacks and onesies, but they are just so comfortable. My team is always teasing me, so for their sakes I am trying to make an effort.

OB: What designers are you into?

NIE: I love Ellie Saab. You know I spend hours looking at the different collections, bliss I tell you. In Nigeria my favourite designers are; WangerAyu, House Of Nwocha and Ejiro Amos Tafiri. They do the most amazing things to a wide range of fabrics.  

OB: Would you rather go to a costume party or a masked one?

NIE: There is a mystery that comes with masks and the fact that I can possibly play pranks while masked. Just thinking about it has my mischief antenna tingling. Yes, masked parties over costume parties. Or better yet invite me to a party that requires wearing a costume and a mask.

OB: Are you a party girl or a stay-at-home chic?

NIE: Hahahahaha! If I even attempt to say party girl I’m certain will be besieged by people yelling the opposite. I am a stay-at-home chic. I have been called a couch potato. The only thing that seems to get me away from lounging at home is when I have to go work.

OB: Do you sometimes feel you&#39ve given up your freedom for fame?

NIE: Yes all the time. But on the flipside being famous means I have a bigger family. We all make sacrifices. Being an actor often results in fame. I love to act, so I will soldier on.

OB: What&#39s the hardest thing about being an actor?

NIE: For me it would be getting out of character. I method act and this means submerging myself wholly into whatever character I’m playing. I like to give an honest performance, so I try to become the person I’m portraying. The downside is when I’m in, getting out is not so easy. Weeks later I find that I am still acting like the character in my last movie. It is a constant game of “Finding Nse”.

OnoBello OnoBello

OB: And the easiest thing would be?

NIE: The sense of accomplishment, when the director says it is a wrap. The four words that say job done Nse, go home.

OB: Which has been your most challenging role yet?

NIE: Every role is different and just when I say to myself “Nse that was difficult”, another script comes in and it is more challenging than the last. So I’ll say my most challenging role to date will be the next character I play.

OB: How do you stay motivated to become better each day with your craft?

NIE: Hmmmm…they say whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. For me acting is not about the immediate rewards. I don’t wish to be known as the Best Actress of her generation, I am very content if my legacy will be “Nse always gave a 100% to every character”. With this at the back of my mind I make sure I am never found wanting. And to keep myself abreast of current standards in acting I read and do a number of short courses online. Later this year I plan to sit in a classroom and take acting courses in a certified drama school.

OB: Is fame that easy? If not what&#39s not easy about it?

NIE: Getting famous is very easy. You can be famous for being infamous and you can also be famous, simply because you have a famous last name or famous ancestors. Notice how many times I’ve used the word famous in answering this question? That is how easy fame is. The crux of the matter is why be famous for frivolity? Managing fame is where the true burden lies.  

OB: Which Hollywood director would you love to work with?

NIE: Just one, that is hard. I like Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg. Is that more than one? Oops! *Laughs*

OB: What kind of movies do you see yourself in? Does horror make the list?

NIE: Right now horror does not make the list. I scare easy, so I would probably scare myself silly trying to pull off a horror flick.  While I become more courageous I will make do with drama, romantic comedy, perhaps some action and throw in a psychological thriller ever so often.


OB: What&#39s a typical day like for you as an actor?

NIE: This depends on if I’m on a movie set or not. If I am, then it involves waking up, praying, a bit of pilates, grooming and then off to set. If I am not working on a movie then it will involve all of this and add lounging on a couch, cooking and spending time with my family.

OB: What&#39s the craziest fan attention/reaction you ever got?

NIE: Thankfully I have the best fans on planet earth. When I meet a fan, they are always so well composed, polite and sweet. I hear crazy fan stories and I’m like…hold on, why isn’t anyone being crazy to me? Am I doing something wrong? *Laughs* No that is a joke, dear people of the world, please don’t be crazy when you see Nse.

OB: What&#39s the one thing on your bucket list?

NIE: Bungee jumping!


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