Introducing The New Zaron Cosmetics ‘Hyper Blush Range’

Blush helps to make your beautiful face glow and look alive, which is why Zaron cosmetics is introducing this new range known as ‘Zaron Hyper Blush Range’.


Many women avoid blush mainly because it tends to be overused but it can actually be your beauty secret weapon.  Blush adds natural colour to the face and can help define the face.

A collection of beautifully pigmented and intense blush colours that will add natural colour and brighten the face in the most desirable way. All blushes in the collection are in a matte formular and contains no oil.

The Zaron hyper blush collection comes in four shades that were carefully selected to enliven any complexion putting into consideration the African woman and her skin tone.

Besides brightening up your face, or complementing a bold lip, it turns out that the right swipe of blush can actually change the shape of your face.

Blush creates an optical illusion, drawing the eye wherever you apply it hence application should depend on the shape of your face.

If you have a round face, try sweeping it along your cheekbones. Suck in your cheeks if it’s difficult to locate them and extend the color to your temples.

To balance a heart-shaped face apply your blush below the apples of your cheeks and blend out to your hairline.


 For a long face blend blush beneath your apples, but not out to your temples.

So go ahead and get your favouriteZaron Hyper Blush.

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