Iyanya Fires Back At Ubi Franklin, Says His Receipts Are Fake!

Iyanya-1Recently, there has been accusations flying around between Singer, Iyanya and Ubi Franklin, an ex-partner at record label, ‘Made Men Music Group’.

In an earlier interview with Ndani TV, Iyanya made claims that Ubi Franklin didn’t make him part of the playmakers in the company, even though the agreement they earlier made was for him (Iyanya) to be a co-owner.

In response to Iyanya’s accusations, Ubi took to his page to post ‘receipts’ to claim that Iyanya was indeed part of the MMMG major players, showing documents that proved that.

However, in a recent interview with Cool FM, Iyanya debunked the receipts claiming they are “settlement” receipts, after he had found out at CAC that his name was not included as part of the directors in the company. According to the singer, Ubi used his brothers names instead.

Iyanya made claims that Ubi Franklin “begged” him after he figured out he (Iyanya) wasn’t a co-owner in MM music from the very beginning.

The singer claimed that against the rumours spreading around that he ‘sold his shares’ at MM music, he stated that ‘left the shares for Ubi’ in order to be free.

In the concluding part of the interview, Iyanya dared Ubi to post initial receipts ‘before the settlement’ which dates back to ‘2012’ instead of the ‘2016’ receipts, Ubi has allegedly posted

Watch the full interview below

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