Iran Shoots Down US ‘Spy’ Drone

US Drone

Iran has shot down an unmanned US drone in the strait of Hormuz, accusing Washington of breaching Iran’s national sovereignty and trying to deepen tensions in the region.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said on Thursday they had used a surface to air missile to shoot down what they called a US “spy” drone they claimed was flying in the country’s airspace.

State news agency IRNA quoted the Guard’s news website, Sepah News, as saying that the Islamic country’s military force targeted the “RQ-4 Global Hawk” when it entered Iran’s airspace “near the Kouhmobarak district in the south.”

The US military confirmed that one of its drones had been taken down, but said it was in international airspace, that it did not violate Iranian airspace. The official said the drone was a US navy MQ-4C Triton.

“No US aircraft were operating in Iranian airspace today,” said Navy Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US military’s Central Command.

Last week the US military accused Iran of firing a missile at another drone that responded to the oil tanker attacks near the Gulf of Oman.

The US accused Iran last week of attacking Japanese and Norwegian flagged tankers near the strategic Strait of Hormuz. Washington released video and pictures purporting to show a Revolutionary Guard boat removing an unexploded limpet mine.

Iranian officials rejected US claims that Tehran was behind the blasts.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday there was “strong evidence” Iran was behind the twin tanker attacks.

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