Iranian President Orders Release Of All Students Detained In Anti-Government Protests


Hassan Rouhani.OnoBelloPresident Hassan Rouhani of Iran has ordered the release of all students detained in the wave of the anti-establishment protests in Iran. This was disclosed by Science Minister Mansour Gholami.

Up to 3,700 protesters may have been put behind bars following the demonstrations in cities across Iran. The exact number of students among those detained is unclear, however, reports said that they are more than 100.

Meanwhile, members of the government and religious bodies have blamed the recent deadly protest on foreign powers and has called for the banishment of social media. This is particularly directed at two messaging apps that have not been banned in the country: Telegram and Instagram.

“These media don’t only distribute content opposed to the country’s interior security, but also opposed to Islamic values.

“These apps can’t be controlled and therefore have to be blocked entirely,” Vice General Prosecutor Abdol-Samad Khorramsbadi said.

The government has opposed this decision but does not have the say in the matter.

Using social media, demonstrators has organised rallies across Iran since Dec. 28, protesting economic issues, Tehran’s Middle East policies and the country’s religious establishment.

Some Iranian leaders, such as supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, have accused Iran’s enemies, including the U.S. and Israel, of fomenting the protests.

Government hardliners want to entirely take control of the internet, while the government of the reformist president is strictly against the measure.

A total number of 18 demonstrators were killed in the unrest.



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