Is Having Relationship Goals Dangerous? Here’s What Uwanma Odefa Thinks!


Vlogger Uwanma Odefa, is back after a brief hiatus and perhaps as a result of the recent drama involving celebrity couples on social media, she chose ‘Relationship Goal’ as her topic of discussion.

She says: “We often look at a couple, a celebrity couple, and go “Aaaaaaw! Relationship Goals!” We forget (or actually do not know) that what we see on social media, magazines and red carpet events are a photoshopped PR-induced lifestyle that often hides a multitude of pain and sin. We put pressure on ourselves, on our partners and even on the couples we hold up to high standards as our “Relationship Goals”. Sooner or later, one of the three entities will buckle under the pressure of “Relationship Goals” ideals; you, your partner or the couple held to these ideals.”

So… is having relationship goals as they are popularly called, dangerous?

Watch all Uwanma has to say below!







































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