Israeli Government Issues Notice To African Migrants – Leave The Country Or Face Imprisonment

African Refugee.OnoBello

Israeli government is set to issue notice to thousands of Africans who entered the country illegally to leave the country or face indefinite imprisonment; the Israeli authorities have threatened that they will start jailing them from April.

Migrants’ have been offered $3,500 to leave within the next 90 days with the option to return to their home country or any third world country.

Many of the migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan disclosed that they came into Israel to seek asylum after fleeing persecution and conflict, but the authorities regard them as economic migrants.

Most of the migrants arrived in Israel in the second half of the last decade, crossing from Egypt before new security on the border sealed the route.

The Israeli government says their return will be humane and “voluntary,” this critics have opposed saying the option to leave is far from voluntary if the alternative is prison.

It is not clear whether Israel’s Supreme Court, which has intervened in the migrant issue before, will do so again. However, the order exempts children, elderly people, and victims of slavery and human trafficking.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that an unchecked influx of African migrants could threaten Israel’s Jewish character.



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