Jackie Chan Denies Reports Of Being Quarantined Over Coronavirus Contamination

Jackie Chan Denies Corona Virus Quarantine Reports OnoBello

Chinese movie star, Jackie Chan has taken to social media to debunk reports that he is been placed under quarantine over coronavirus concerns, saying he’s “very healthy and safe.”

He thanked fans for sending him heartwarming messages, face masks and said he asked his staff to “donate your kindness through official organizations to those who need it most.”

ICYMI: The Hong Kong-born 65-year-old actor who revealed earlier this month that his recent movie “Vanguard” was pulled out of China due to concerns that coronavirus would spread to moviegoers in theaters offered a reward of 1 million yuan — approximately $197,000 — for the development of an antidote.

More than 80,000 people have been infected with the virus so far and at least 2,800 have died worldwide, most of them in mainland China.


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