Jason Derulo Talks Prince, Kanye West & More In The Latest Edition Of Vulkan Magazine

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In the latest issue of Vulkan Onlinesinger Jason Derulo talks to the Magazine about the late Prince and what he meant to him, meeting Kanye West, his shoe line which launches soon and a whole lot of other issue.

The ‘Wiggle’ crooner also posed for a couple of cool shots for the magazine.

See excerpts from his interview and more photos below!

On Prince and what he meant to him: It was a crazy situation. I’m somebody who was really intrigued by him early on. His box set was one of the first I ever bought; I wanted to study his falsetto and what that was and how you did it. If you know my music at all you know I use falsetto a lot. He was a big influence on my music and the artist that I am today for sure. [Prince’s death] was shocking to me though. It’s crazy losing all these legends so young.

On if he was actually naked in the music video for his song ‘Naked’:Absolutely I was naked! I made it happen. I wanted it to be authentic; I wanted it to be something that signified the song. It wasn’t about chains or jewelry or anything, it was literally about me, the content and what I was [singing] about. That song is more than just being unclothed, naked meaning with nothing else that I can hide behind; It’s literally just me.



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On his favourite thing about performing: My favorite part of performing is the rush I get when performing in front of a crowd. There is a wave of energy from the crowd that I get. Being able to travel and experience new cultures, seeing so many different places around the world is super fly.

On his crazy fan girl story:When I was in Sri Lanka there was this girl that climbed a 20-foot fence after a concert just to get to me. She just darted and no one even seen her! After she got to me, which was crazy because there was mad security all over the place, she got her moment before security got her. After I was looking at my security crazy like “What if this wasn’t a fan…?”

On what’s next for him:Look for my shoe line coming out called LVL XIII. It’s a really high fashion and high end shoe brand. It’s not like an everyday wear kind of brand. It should be available soon; we are trying for September, but you know these things take a long time. We are finally coming around—The designs are done and we are currently in production. It’s exciting. It’s a brand new endeavor. I’ve always been a sneaker head so it was only right that I created a line that signified the things that I love myself.



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Shoot credits:

Photography: Alexander Saladrigas
Art Direction: DfernandoZaremba
Styling: Brendon Alexander
Grooming: Victor Noble
Photo Assistant: AchilleasManolis
Article Written By: Kevin Ntoi
Interviewed By: Matthew Reinhold




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