Jason Derulo Targeted By Thieves Who Steal $300,000 In Cash & Jewellery


Jason Derulo has become the most recent celebrity to be targeted by thieves who reportedly stole $300,000 (£222,406) in cash and jewellery.

The rise of celebrities having their homes burgled has been a talking point in Hollywood this year – Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner, Drake, Alanis Morissette, Scott Disick and Nicki Minaj have all been affected – and now cops have alleged that Derulo’s house was attacked by ‘multiple people’. ‘Law enforcement tells us multiple people forced their way into Derulo’s home, possibly breaking a door and window,’ claims TMZ. However it is thought that the burglary may have been an inside job as only one room was targeted, suggesting the thieves knew were to look.

Jason is currently away from Los Angeles, and the discovery was only made when a maid entered the house. Los Angeles Police Detective William Dunn told New York’s Page Six that the gangs who carry out the attacks ‘are looking for homes where they think there’s a lot of jewelry inside, BMWs, Mercedes, brand-new cars in the driveway’. They then knock on the front door, and if there is no answer, they break in and head straight for the bedrooms.



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