Jaywon Goes Back Home! Watch His Homecoming At The Inauguration Of The New King Of Egbe

Jaywon returned to his hometown, Egbe in Kogi State for the inauguration of the new King of Egbe.


The artiste grew up in Egbe in Kogi State and only left years ago after his secondary school education. There hasn’t been a dull moment in his career as the renowned singer has gone to score a handful of hit singles back to back.

He was specially invited by Senator Smart Adeyemi, who also hosted guests after the coronation ceremony. The event took place on Sunday, October 12, 2014 and was described as ‘home coming’ for several indigenes of the State.

Jaywon performed some of his hit songs, including “ThisYear” and “Madantin”. The singer also got the privilege to entertain the deputy governor of the State, Architect Yomi Awoniyi, and other influential people like OtunbaJideOmokore, General Jembewon, and Honourable Karimi.

Watch as the town of Kogi stood still for her own, also expect his new single #Angelina set to drop days from now.





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