Jeta Amata Talks “Black November” With CNN Isha Sesay, Watch The Gripping Interview

Popular Nollywood director with blockbuster movies such as “Amazing Grace,” “Alexa Affair” and “Mary Slessor”  Jetta Amata was profiled on CNN by Isha Sesay for his new movie “Black November” which premiered in New York during UN General Assembly meeting last year.

Jeta spoke about the movie – that recounts the atrocities inflicted upon the people living in the oil rich Niger Delta, Ken Saro-Wiwa, the struggles of the militant – at length.

Jeta, who grew up in the Niger Delta, titled his film “Black November” after the month when local environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was hanged by the then military government.

Jeta, who had once met Saro-Wiwa through his father, says he was affected by the activist&#39s death.

Watch the interview below:

Jetta also talked about how he got Hollywood actors including Madsen and Tom Sizemore, as well as musicians Akon and Wyclef Jean to feature in the Nollywood ground breaking movie. He also talked about his sponsors.



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