John Boyega Slams French Doctors Over Racist Comments Of Vaccine Test In Africa

John Boyega Frnech Doctors Racist Comments OnoBello

British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega has expressed his disgust to the opinions aired by two French doctors, Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht that the new COVID-19 drug should be tested in Africa.

Mira and Locht, had ignited a Twitter storm and hashtag campaign ‘Africans are not lab rats’ after a live TV interview of them insisting that Africa is the best place to conduct such a test went viral. The French nationals recalled how an experimental treatment for AIDS was carried out in Africa while backing their suggestions.

Reacting bitterly to the statement, John Boyega reiterated that Africa is not a lab rat. He wrote, “Just horrible. Africa isn’t a testing lab you pieces of shit.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea defender, Antonio Rudiger, football stars Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o are also a few who found the comments to be repulsive while calling them out.


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