John Legend Covers Fault Magazine, Talks About Raising a Bi-Racial Daughter in Trump’s America!

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Music superstar, John Legend looks dashing as he covers the 25th issue of Fault magazine

In the exclusive interview he is vocal on his feelings towards President Donald Trump. He talks about raising baby Luna in Trump’s Era, his wife Chrissy Teigen and growth through the years.

When asked if raising a bi-racial daughter in Trump’s America scare him, he responds saying:

Hopefully “Trump’s America” won’t last very long and we get him out of here within the next four years. By the time Luna is old enough to be aware of what is happening, America would have elected a far better president. Trump promised to do things which are really bad for the country and some which are good and the hope is he’ll just do the good parts but I don’t have a lot of faith in him.  I’m just hoping for the best and when we need to resist and speak out, we need to hit the streets and do it. For now, I’m more worried for the people less fortunate than my daughter, people who might lose their healthcare or get excluded because of the colour of their skin, their religion and country of origin.

When asked what he’s scared of, he responds:

Rats! I’m really scared of rodents.

Talking about his fault, he says:

I don’t like confrontation. Sometimes that’s good because I’m good at keeping the peace but when in times when you have to confront things head on I’ve never been good at that.

See more photos from the magazine shoot below.

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Photography: @loinel_deluy



Retouching: Julia Idiar



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