Karen Igho To Share Life Experiences In New Book, Unveiled As Resident Columnist For Exquisite

Karen’s new role unveiled…


Read the official release from Karen’s team:

World Pr Media is pleased to announce that our favourite female winner of the BBA 2011, Karen Igho is set to commence her next project in the public eye since her travel to the UK. The ever lively Karen, who is now referred to as “Mrs” (yes, Mrs, she got married) was excited to give us this statement:


“Aside from the book I am working on, I want a chance to offer my fans advice based on past experiences and life in general. My view on life and so many things has changed drastically, for the better of course. Since my trip to the UK (which has been quite refreshing), I fell in love over again, started a degree and life is good. I am in place where giving back means a lot to me and this is one way to do so. I want to empower my fans, teach them how to know the difference in situations that can bring them up or down and I’m excited to go on this journey with Exquisite Magazine”.

Karen Igho

Exquisite Magazine revealed yesterday that they will be welcoming on board Karen as a Resident columnist in the magazine.  The Editor of the Magazine, Tewa Onasanya had this to say about the collaboration:

“We decided to collaborate with Karen on the “Dear Karen” project because we understood why the platform was needed, we understood that her fans and indeed the general public with interests in her life would like a platform to ask for her  views on various topics, ranging from relationships to how to tips. We also felt that being a celebrity has exposed her to various scenarios which has broadened her opinion on several things which can only add value to her fans”.

This column in the magazine is one in the line of many projects being executed this year.

So,to all her fans out there, get out your pens and papers, your ipads or phones and get asking. All your questions can be sent via her website or go to admin@worldprmedia.com.

The feature will also be posted on the Magazine’s Website and Social media platforms.


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