Keke Palmer Looks Stunning On The Latest Issue Of Mood Magazine

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American actress and TV personality, Keke Palmer is gracing the Autumn/Winter 2020 issue of Mood Magazinewearing haute couture ensembles and show-stealing braids.

In an interview with the publication, the singer talks about the need for more awareness on the effect of racism on black people and the need for white people to try and fix the damages done with anti-racism, and much more.

““I think in a post-racial society there should be a lot more awareness. And not just on what slavery in this country did to black people, but what it did to those on the other end. We then have to try to undo that with anti-racism at this point,” she says.

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“It’s not enough to just be like, “Oh I hate that that happened, or I’m not racist.” I wish more non people of color thought about how they can go on to fix the damage, rather than just accepting it as a reality. True antiracism is standing up for change.

The ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ star Keke who has been in the forefront of Black Lives Matter protests and unapologetically vocal about her feelings in regard to the plight of African-Americans, continued: “We need to feel that selflessness and vulnerability from outside of the community itself. Even if some of the damage that has been done has caused me to hurt as a black woman, or has given them triumphs,I want to move past that and for us all to just be aware of it and not be personal about it – just try and commit to making it better for the future.”

Keke Palmer Mood Magazine OnoBello (3)Introducing the issue on Instagram, Mood Magazine describes Palmer as “one of the young multi-hyphenates taking Hollywood by storm. Yet, her humility makes you love her even more as a person when you experience her ‘je nais se quois’ off-screen. Whether she is acting, dancing, singing, or making you laugh, you cannot help but to become enamored by the charm she exudes.”

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