Kids In My Class Are Not Perverts, South African Bootilicious Teacher Reacts (Video)


Buhle “Lulu” Menziwa, the teacher whose pictures have been widely circulated on social media due to her dress code in class says her learners are not “pervert minded” like many social media users. 

Menziwa, 26, set tongues wagging after her pictures wearing tight clothes while in a classroom started making rounds early this week.

While the secondary school teacher got flak for her dress code, she also got others wishing they could go back to school; just to be taught by her. 

Lulu Menziwa

According to her bio on Instagram, she’s also a businesswoman and owner of a brand called MadamBClothing. She has more than 80 000 followers.

While some people have praised her style and “hourglass” figure, some disputed the sentiments saying she dressed inappropriately for a teacher.

The teacher took to Instagram this morning to slam those criticising her, saying her learners saw nothing wrong with what she wore.

Lulu Menziwa

“I know that everyone knows me, I’m all over social networks and on radio they are talking about me. I’m not teaching your kid. Do you have your kid in my school?,” she questioned.

“You are forgetting one thing that I’m not teaching the kids of your age; I’m not teaching 25, 26 to 40 year-old learners. My kids are younger, they don’t have the perverted mind that you have, so stop,” she added.

She further reprimanded people who sent her screenshots of what’s being said about her.

Watch the video here:

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