Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Driveway Raided By Burglar, But He Gets Almost Nothing


Burglars snuck onto Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s sprawling California property early Friday morning and broke into a car — but were quickly scared off by the couple’s armed security team.

One of the crooks was spotted rummaging through a car parked on the driveway of Kardashian and West’s Bel Air mansion and made off with “personal items” before leaving the scene, the Los Angeles Police Department told the Daily News, citing the observations of a witness. A second person who was hiding in the bushes fled as well.

The car did not belong to West or Kardashian, but rather one of the members of their staff, a source familiar with the situation told the Daily News. The insider said the burglar dropped whatever he had taken from the car after security guards drew their guns, but police were unable to confirm that detail.

LAPD arrived at the scene at 5:10 a.m., and their investigation involving two suspects remains open. The suspects did not enter Kardashian and West’s home.

Friday morning’s car burglary was first reported by TMZ, which stated that a thief arrived in front of the stars’ home at around 4 a.m., targeted a trio of luxury cars in the driveway and made off with an iPhone.

The same man reportedly also snatched a handbag from a car sitting outside the home next-door — which belongs to comedian Kathy Griffin — but the stolen purse was later discovered near the scene of the crime.




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