Kings Choose Their Labels- Are You A King?

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“The toughest challenge was learning to ignore people who laughed at me or made snide comments about me, but ever since I started ignoring them, things have changed for the better. You just have to love yourself.”- Adetutu

With words like these, it is little wonder supermodel Adetutu was chosen as one of Budweiser’s advocates for its unique game changing campaign in Nigeria tagged, The King’s Stitch.

From being bullied as a kid because of her facial tribal marks to losing a job and eventually the father of her child, Adetutu has stuck by her decision not to conform to the society’s expectations of her and flaunts her marks every chance she gets. Despite being made jest of, her choice to show off her face has paved a way for her modeling career and is the reason she has been discovered by award winning singer, Rihanna.

Adetutu, like many other members of the Generation Z (18-25 year olds) clan is a typical example of a young Nigerian crippled by generally accepted societal norms. Rather than give in and be sentenced to a life of mediocrity, Adetutu challenged the status quo and her bravery was rewarded with success.

This is why the King of Beers, Budweiser has created a platform for every other Adetutu out there to channel all the negativity they receive into something extremely positive.  The King’s Stitch is a platform that seeks to enable the Nigerian youth be who they want to be despite societal opinions. It is a fashion forward collection made by and for Gen Zs intended to inspire and celebrate the individuality of today’s youth.

The King’s Stitch speaks to young Nigerians that are bold enough to be authentic even in the face of a society that tries to inhibit their self-expression, encouraging them to pursue their ambitions and never compromise on their freedom.

It is an opportunity of a lifetime and the beginning of a movement that will catapult the next generation into greatness. The King’s Stitch is a platform for Gen Zs to counter age-old cultural stereotypes and reshape the future by telling their own stories. And in the words of Adetutu: “Love yourself first, ignore the bullies and do your own thing. It worked for me and hopefully it works for you too”.

Get a glimpse of what is to come with the video below.

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