La Mode Magazine Feature Aisha Bello In Their August Cover Edition ‘’Under 30 Entrepreneur Changing The Game’’

Aisha Bello OnoBello-La mode magazine brings  to you another edition; the August issue (33rd edition).Your dynamic lifestyle and fashion magazine featuring Aisha Bello. Aisha Bello talks about her modeling agency, clothing line and the Nigeria Models Association.

See more pictures below!

Aisha Bello OnoBello-2 Aisha Bello OnoBello--2 Aisha Bello OnoBello-3 Aisha Bello OnoBello-4


Aisha Bello OnoBello-7


Aisha Bello OnoBello-11





Aisha Bello OnoBello-12


Aisha Bello OnoBello-13



Cover Personality:@elegantebyaisha

Photography: @fotoligthouse

Makeup: @thebeelkisstouch

Outfits: @elegantebyaisha



La MODE Magazine: @lamodemag

Publisher: @sandraodige


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