Lagos State Government Website Hacked Over Army/Shi’ite Clash

Lagos State Government-OnoBello (1)

The official website of the Lagos State Government was in the early hours of today, hacked by an unknown group in protest of what it termed maltreatment of Muslims in Nigeria and across the world, especially Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, leader of the Shi’ite Muslim sect in Nigeria.

On visiting the state’s webpage, the following text appeared on the screen:

“In the name of God, message to Nigerian Government and State Sponsors of Terrorism (USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar): Boko Haram and ISIS are terrorists.

They are killing Muslims and innocent people because of your dirty money. Hey Nigeria Government, you killed thousands of Muslims and specially Zakzaky’s family too. You are all terrorists. You are all murderers, God damn you.”

The group also posted a link to what it claimed to be the database of the hacked site.


Lagos State Government-OnoBello (2)

However, this is highly debatable according to The Guardian, as the link works and the rar file connected to the link is 718 byte only.

The website has since been taken down temporarily.




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