Late Deinde Fernandez’s Daughter, Abimbola Blasts His Wife, Calling Her A Trashbag & A Mistress

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On today’s episode of social media drama, late billionaire, Deinde Fernandez’s daughter Abimbola and third wife, Halima are on each other’s throat.

Here’s how it started: a follower on Instagram had sympathized with Abimbola after she posted a picture of her on a jet with her late dad. Abimbola accepted and went ahead to explain that they would bring his body back to it’s proper resting place (Nigeria) as soon as they get permission to. Below is what transpired.


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She went ahead to dig up a tweet by the mistress (?) from last year where she (Halima) kind of insinuated Abimbola and her siblings are fake royalty. She posted the screenshot on her IG asking her supposed step-mother to show proof that she was actually married to the late billionaire. She also accused her of hiding his will from them. See what she posted below.



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Halima took to twitter to respond. What she tweeted below.


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Below is a picture of the late Fernandez and Halima.


Late Deinde Fernandez-OnoBello (3)


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  1. They could have kept it within themselves tho. I do so detest public shows of infighting among family. The wife tho…na just moneygrabbing ***** b4 na 😂😂😂

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