Liberia Election: Vice President, Joseph Boakai Congratulates Opponent, George Weah On His Presidential Victory

Joseph Boakai.OnoBello

Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai has acknowledged the victory of his opponent, George Weah in the presidential election held few days back.

“I respect the will of the people as announced by the National Electoral Commission,” Boakai said, adding that he had called on Weah to congratulate him.

Boakai has also appealed for unity in the country even as the democratic transfer of power takes place.

“I reject any temptation of imposing pain, hardship, agony and uncertainty,” he said. “My name will not be used as (an) excuse for one drop of human blood to be spilt in this country.”

Boakai is the current Vice President of Liberia and has been in office since January 2006, serving under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He contested against former footballer, George Weah for the Presidential post but lost to Weah.



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