Life Is A Movie! Share Your Story With FirstBank & Win A Luxury Smartphone & More!

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Everyone loves movies! Movies let us check our minds at the door and let our inner child play for a while. Well guess what? YOU are the main character in your life and you are filming your story right now!
Whatever you do; waking up to an alarm, sitting through traffic, catching up with friends on social media or networking at a conference or dinner party, your life is a movie and with each passing second and each deliberate action, you create memories that tell the most interesting of stories.


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At every milestone of your life, FirstBank says it is there with you to propel you to the next big scene; because putting you first is what they do. So right now, FirstBank is calling on everyone; kids, parents, students, workers, stay-at-home mums, traders, CEOs, makeup artists, stylists, technicians, etc, to record and send in a video of their lives right now! They want you to use the theme ‘My Life Today‘ as a guide when you record the things and moments that are important to you right now. If your short 1 minute “movie” is great enough, you could win an  iPhone 6 or a Samsung Edge or some of the thousands of naira worth of instant airtime they will be giving to the first 50 video entries they are tagged in on Facebook or Instagram. And on top of that, your ‘movie’ could make it to the FirstBank Brand campaign TV Commercial. How cool is that?!


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To send in your entries and qualify to win, follow the simple steps below:
1.            Record a video themed ‘My Life Today‘ showing the things and moments that are important to you right now
2.            Upload your video on your Instagram page and tag @firstbanknigeria, use the hashtag- #Lifeisamovie OR Upload your video on Facebook and tag FirstbankofNigeria, use the hashtag- #Lifeisamovie.
3.            For Facebook, you can record up to 1 minute of video. But on Instagram, your video of course can’t be more than 15 seconds!
4.            Go to The FirstBank Facebook page – Firstbankofnigeria and the Instagram Page –@firstbanknigeria for daily updates.
What are you waiting for? Get recording, uploading and tagging FirstBank now!


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