Lil Kim Fires Back At Nicki Minaj For Saying She’s The “Queen Of Rap”, Listen!

Lil Kim recorded a quick version whilst twisting the lyrics at the end and doing a little photoshop on the artwork by getting Nicki Minaj’s photos out and putting hers in.


So the seemingly new song that got everyone talking this week is Beyonce’s remix “Flawless” on which she featured Nicki Minaj.

We thought it was cool… until Lil Kim fired back at Nicki for calling herself the queen of rap. That didn’t go down well with Kimmy who went ahead to tape her own version of the single, changing the lyrics at the end and referring to herself as the queen of rap indeed – instead of Nicki. She also went on to replace photos of Nicki on the artwork of “Flawless” with hers. Look out for the difference below.

Here’s the original artwork with Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.


And there’s the edited copy from Lil Kim.


Listen to Lil Kim’s version of the song. You’ll hear her close to the end. Let us know if she hit all the right notes on hot! We love both versions, though.


Also listen to the original version.


By the way, Lil Kim’s manager is Nicki Minaj’s ex manager. Do we sense some sort of rivalry here from either party?


Photo Credit: Rap Up | Spin



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