London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019: Christopher Kane

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London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 is in full swing in the one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The Fashion and Style Department is doing Show Reports on some select designers showcasing their latest collection this season.

According to a review by Vogue’s  Sarah Mower, excepts from it reads:”Kane has been attuned to thinking about aiding and abetting the primal forces of attraction in clothes since he was a student. For Spring 2019 he’d switched channels to Discovery and called the show Nature and Sex, merging subliminal fragments of Attenborough’s running commentaries on mating and Monroe’s thoughts about being a sex symbol on the soundtrack.

This time it was an accessory that Kane found in a sex shop in Tokyo that triggered the extraordinary boned lace dresses, shoulder straps, and the stand-up tongues on shoes. “A piece of lingerie used by women of the night and strippers,” as he described it. The object in question a triangle of lace was a crotch- or pudenda-cover, though no one who goes for the lovely white shoes with distinctive 18th-century tongues need suspect their origin. They’re just extremely chic and desirable.

Not all of it was overtly sex-obsessed. Kane pushed power-shoulders in tailored jackets, linebacker new wave ledges on T-shirts and on crisp white cotton Edwardiana leg-of-mutton shirts. Then again, the T-shirts did bear Kane’s drawing of a praying mantis and the slogan “Sexual Cannibalism.”

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