London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019: Victoria Beckham

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London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 is in full swing in the one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The Fashion and Style Department is doing Show Reports on some select designers showcasing their latest collection this season.

According to a review by Vogue’s  Sarah Mower, excepts from it reads:” If there was a theme, it was layering the ’90s notion of wearing dresses over trousers but poshed and polished up in a way that only the faintest ghost of Courtney Love’s slip dresses could be recognized by women old enough to have witnessed grunge. Not to be misunderstood: Everything about Victoria Beckham’s work is hyper-clean the zinging colors, the crisp edges of striped shirts, the controlled assurance of every component. That way of focussing attention is its strongest attraction, in fact.

By Look 2, the eye was trained on an orange dress which, at first glance, seemed to have a pair of tan leggings beneath. Wrong: These were actually super-slim crepe trousers with a V-shape split in the front hem, neatly showcasing the top of another pair of low slipper boots, this time in white. This turned out to be the key component of the collection a product shown 11 times in different colors (burgundy, black, white, cornflower blue, red) under tailored suit jackets and tunics, handkerchief-point knit dresses, and a lovely lace shirt. Something VB truly believes in, then? For sure! When she came out at the end, she was wearing a pair under her tan blazer thus sending a global message about this versatile piece for day, night, and pretty much any time between.”

Scroll down for the full collection below.

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