Lord & Lady Of The Manor! Rick Ross & Fiancée Lira Mercer For Paper Magazine

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Rapper Rick Ross was featured in Paper Magazine’s issue alongside his fiancée, Lira Mercer. The two channeled their inner Lord and Lady of the Manor wearing monogrammed sweaters and riding habits.

The Maybach Music boss talked to the magazine about his new album, Black Market, the craziest thing he has done all year and more.

Find excerpts from the interview below and the photos shot in Ross’ Atlanta area estate.

On Black Market: This is most definitely the best of the best. This is the caviar of the rap game. I have some incredible collaborations with folks like Nas, John Legend and Chris Brown, and the album is soulfully thick in terms of the layers of the music and the production.

On the craziest thing he’s done all year: I was incarcerated and I was in solitary confinement 24 hours a day with a light on above me. A young lady was unfortunately arrested as well and put in isolation across from me. One night, I just woke up and screamed across and asked her to sing [the Arrested Development song] “Tennessee”, and she did it for me three times back to back. Another crazy thing I’ve done this year was go out on my yacht, Rich Forever. I wanted to jump out into the water, so I did, but for some reason I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I drifted away a little too much. I felt like I fought for my life for 15 minutes to get back on that fucking yacht. Definitely some shit that I won’t do again.


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On something no one knows about him: That I still collect action figures and play video games. I make sure I have all the Transformers, the Thunder Cats… I have a nice spot set up for them at home.

On the weirdest thing he’s read about himself online: You see a lot on the Internet so if it’s not going to directly affect my business partners [or me], I hardly reach out to correct someone. Instead, my music is used to clarify any bullshit. But I actually woke up recently and read a blog that said me and Lira separated and it involved another rapper. Of course, that was totally fabricated. There was nothing she did to me and vice versa. I got nothing but love and respect for Lira.


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Shoot credits:

Photography: Diwang Valdez

Styling: Talia Coles and Shawn Borrero

Grooming: Peter Graham

Makeup: Angie Martinez Soto

Hair: Kellon Deryck





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