Love The Body You Are In…

Believe this or not, women are the most beautiful creature God ever made. It baffles me a lot when I hear the different kind of complains women have about their body. Barely a day passes without a woman complaining about one part of her body or the other.


As women, we should start working on embracing our body type and shape, whether you are curvy, petite, a plus size, pear shaped, hour glass, athletic, learn to curb the destructive internal monologue running in our heads, this cruel self-criticism and insecurities will do nothing more than destroy us.


I read somewhere a while back that women have an average of 13 negative thoughts about their body each day. We all need to realisethat our self-esteem has been listening and internalising every perceived inadequacy. We need to start treating our bodies with love.


Each day, endeavour to shower your body with love that is the best diet you can go on; you feel better, your body feels good with regular loving practice and it becomes the body you truly love even if it remains the same shape and size.


When you love your shape, you are more likely tonurture it in a way that is healthy for the body; you exude a healthier, more accepting energy that allows you to be more playful, fun-loving and encouraging to not only yourself but those around you.


Note that when you are critical and judgmental about your body it can easily attract other negativity into your life.


So ladies, enough of the negative criticisms about your shape, just like beauty , women come in all shapes and sizes, so discover and appreciate what makes you special and sexy and let your body respond and return the pleasure of living fully every moment.



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