Macron Vows To Rebuild Notre-Dame To Be ‘More Beautiful’ In 5 Years,Over €700m Raised







French President, Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral to be even ‘more beautiful’ within five years, after over €700 million was pledged by French businessmen and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The shocking inferno ravaged the great Paris landmark, destroying the roof and causing the steeple to collapse.
Pledges worth around 700 million euros ($790 million) have already been made from French billionaires and businesses to restore the Gothic masterpiece.

An unknown number of artefacts and paintings werr equally lost in the fire and the main organ, which had close to 8,000 pipes, has also suffered damage.


Macron’s comments about the rebuilding indicates that he wants the reconstruction to be done before Paris hosts the Olympic Games in 2024.


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