Man Kills Self, Blaims Son In Suicide Note


Ibafo, Ogun State on Wednesday, 15th of August 2018, lost its founder after the remains of the man, Adewale Majekolagbe, were found dangling from a rope in his house.

According to information gathered, the 59-year-old had disappeared from the community on Tuesday and had also stopped taking his telephone calls only to be found dead by concerned residents and members of the community development association who forced the door to his house open.

A resident, who sighted the note and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the deceased blamed his son for his suicide.

It was also learnt that the man had written and left a death note for the police

According to him, the note read, ‘(Son’s name withheld), you are the one that put me into this problem, which made me to take my life. 3.35pm.’

“He hanged himself in his late wife’s room. He left a suicide note. He indicated the time he killed himself. The note has been handed over to the police. What is curious is that some of us still don’t know what the son did to him that made him to kill himself. He did not say what his son did.”

There are also claims that the deceased had approached one of the landlords for a loan of N50,000 on Monday.

The landlord, who regretted that he could not assist the victim, said he (Majekolagbe) had told him that his son was behind his travail.

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