Manchester Terror Attack: Fans Call For Cancellation Of Justin Beiber’s Upcoming British Tour Dates


Fans of Justin Bieber have pleaded for his upcoming British tour dates to be canceled due to thFe recent tragic suicide bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

23-year-old Bieber is due to play an open air concert at London’s Hyde Park in July but his fans have flooded social media saying his appearance should be laid off for the safety both of fans and the singer himself.

According to Reuters, a person using the handle marhrukhh wrote on the Instagram account of Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun “Cancel Justin’s concert in the UK, please! We want him to be safe, please.

Braun also manages Grande, also 23, a former Nickelodeon star whose huge female fan base were out for her concert in Manchester on Monday night when a suicide bombing killed 22 people and injured dozens.

Leanne Murray, 20, who lives in Ireland, has tickets to see Bieber play in Dublin next month. But she said that after Monday’s bombing she is contemplating selling them.

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“I just don’t want what I would hope to be a great night to end in something like last night.

“It is frightening to think that it could have been any of us and it really shows that you never know what is around the corner,’’ Murray said.

Reuters reported that Murray paid 180 Euros (200 dollars) each for two tickets. Representatives for Bieber did not immediately respond to Reuters on the status of his upcoming performances. Reuters reports that touring has been one of the top sources of income for musicians in recent years.

The top 10 worldwide tour acts grossed a combined 1.67 billion dollars in 2016, according to music industry publication Pollstar, with Bruce Springsteen bringing in 268.3 million dollars alone.

Grande grossed more than 25 million dollars from touring from April 2016-April 2017, according to Pollstar, while Bieber grossed 163 million dollars in 2016.

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