MC Wazobia Denies Stealing Alopecia Patient’s Awareness Video

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Jamine Oguns MC Wazobia



On Tuesday, we reported a case of theft of intellectual property between Jasmine Oguns, an Alopecia sufferer and comedian Philip Akuotor Azeke who goes by the stage name MC Wazobia.

Jasmine accused MC Wazobia of stealing a video she had earlier recorded for an Alopecia awareness campaign, and turned it into a comedy skit without her permission and without giving her credit. Click here if you missed.

The accused, MC Wazobia has replied to the allegations levelled against him with a comment he posted on SDK’s blog.


He wrote: (warning: bad punctuation!)

“I have been silent on this issue for some days now, and I have seen all your comment and I say thank you all for your contribution both negatively and positively but talking about stealing a video how can I steal what is mine in the first place, the skit was meant for and awareness and publicity as my own little contribution to the foundation which we both agreed but because she feels as if all the glory was coming my way she decide to create a scene and have it in mind your original video which was a documentary is still save so when she asked for how to promote and create awareness on the foundation I said don’t worry I will use my platform which I did and in 48hrs that video went viral with 60,000 views likes and shares which was the reason the skit was made and I was happy that more and more people are aware of the Alopecia and also the foundation, if she knows she doesn’t want publicity why was the video made in the first place, I have known toluoguns since our childhood how she has dreamt of becoming famous so am surprise of this blackmail for a job I did for free without collecting a dime, instead of taking advantage of the platform to make more video and promote the foundation as well she decide to tarnish my image well all the same I have also seek a legal redress for deformation of character well am happy the video went viral and the awareness has been created. below is a link to watch the video and tell me were and how was she not given the credit she is asking for”

MC Wazobia has since updated the video he posted.


Watch the updated version


Here’s the older version…







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  1. My dear sister am a woman like you so listen to my piece of advice is not sensible at all from Facebook to naira land to to sdk blog and now here still on one small issue the more you de carry this matter the more you de make the guy more popular I have been following this matter from the beginning and if your say video na the 2 of una de d tin self so if the guy no give you credit you self edit ur version and put ur own credit. the guy self done apologies to you on Facebook u still de post every where making the guy more famous see my sis I a woman like you just let it go and face your life instead of wasting time and money on nonsense matter don’t follow bad advice it will not profit u anything.

  2. Kai nija people una sabi create awareness oooh despite all the talk wen we de talk about this dis guy and dis babe una still carry the matter come here for more publicity abi ok una father na we una wan use do awareness I swear na God go punish the two of una for wasting our time especially the Jasmine oguns.

  3. So because he has apologised, she shoul die the matter right? Why you still saw the story here is because justice has not been served. So if someone kills your son and apologises, you’ll just sweep it under the carpet? That’s the reason why Nigeria is the way it is, smh

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