Meet the Charisma Twins! Beauty Entrepreneurs, Nina & Muka Cover Glamsquad Magazine’s July Edition


Muka Nwokedi and Nina Agunwa are the eclectic and beautiful brains behind the Charisma Cosmetics company. Twins by birth, the stylish duo are the cover stars for Glam Squad Magazine July Edition.

Two of a kind and of one mind these sisters are revolutionalizing the face of beauty and the business of beauty in Nigeria, thereby paving the way for aspiring women entrepreneurs everywhere. The Charisma twins as they are known took over their mother’s business and transformed it into an enviable beauty brand. In this issue, they talk about growing up and their childhood experiences as identical twins. Although it’s hard to physically tell them apart, Muka and Nina live individually unique lives.


When asked what describes their personal style

Muka said,


Style for me is what makes me comfortable and suits me. I am a Grace Kelly or Catherine Kullman. I would describe my style as basically diva calm. Not too loud, subtle colours yet elegant at the same time, well put together.

While Nina said,

The-Charisma-Twins-Muka-Nwokedi-Princess-Nina-Agwuna-Grace-the-latest-issue-of-Glamsquad-Magazine-4 (1)

My style depends on my mood. I’m not crazy on brands.

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