Meet Yagazie Emezi – Art Curator, Artist & Blogger


Yagazie Emezi is a Nigerian art Curator, artist and blogger with a passion for African preservation.

She is known for her opinionated, and sometimes controversial, YouTube videos, her hilarious personal cartoons, and her well-curated tumblr and website. With a dual degree in Anthropology and African studies, Yagazie through her website and other social media outlets curates visually enlightening posts that capsulate African culture and lifestyle. These platforms serve as inspiration to the many that follow her online, be it for her gorgeous natural hair, quirky style, or unwavering sense of self.


Having recently relocated to Lagos, she will be hosting a lunch event where she will share her ‘African Woman Story’ drawn from personal experience, She will be discussing rather sensitive but real topics that some folks (as women) are afraid to talk about, due to fear of being judged by friends, families, and people in general.

This is the first step Yagazie is taking in hopes of creating a safe space for young women to discuss several issues revolving around mental health, sexuality, eating disorders and other personal and social issues.


Future events will have guest speakers ranging from counselors to youth leaders, TV/radio personalities, motivational speakers and the likes to ensure an environment where not only people come to share, but to learn and help one another.

You are interested in attending? Find out more about the event here.


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