Men Cannot Date Me Because I Am Richer Than Them- Olorisupergal Shares Her Experience

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The popular blogger Tosin Ajibade known as Olorisupergal and author of ‘From Misfit to Hero’ had an interview with Saturday beats where she talked on her relationship experience as well as the success of her book.

In her interview with Saturday beats, she said that men are frightened by successful women. She had to lower her standard for her relationship to work by dropping her car with her boyfriend and hop in taxis to show how committed she was to the relationship. She is currently single but if there is need for a relationship it would be with a man that is very supportive and would lift burdens off her shoulder. “I do not know it all but I am still learning from my mistakes” she said.

Talking on the success of her book, she said she did not write the book to join the bandwagon of authors and it took her three years to complete. The book is majored on how everything started and her journey. She further said she pushed herself harder regardless of any circumstances and now she is enjoying every challenge she faces.

“Most people know me as Tosin but they do not know the brains behind Olorisupergal” she said.


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