Men’s Fashion: Man Skirts! To Wear Or Not To?

It was during the summer of 2012 that International rap artiste; Kanye West broke the barrier of heterosexual fashion by performing on stage in what is still being called one of his most daring looks ever, a man skirt.

Kanye West Kid Cudi P. Diddy Snoop Doog (Lion)

But it really isn’t just Kanye West who has stunned the world by stepping out in a man skirt, renowned designer Marc Jacobs is also known for his love for the man skirt and these two are only a hand pick of the fashion that is becoming a street trend.

Marc Jacobs

How comfortable would you be walking with your spouse/friend/brother/father, and he is wearing a knee length flared skirt? It is a fashion trend that the world might not be ready to embrace until that question can be answered positively and emphatically.

There is really nothing wrong with a little diversity with male fashion, and to be quite honest the male fashion has a way of being boring so they cannot be blamed for branching into the female world and trying to adopt skirts, bags, and more. In a world where women have been wearing pants for centuries, it is quite understandable for the men to want to take something back by wearing skirts, but is the world ready to accept it?

Fashion is a tricky thing, and fashion wouldn’t be fashion without risks. Is the man skirt a risk you are willing to let your loved one take?

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