Men’s Grooming: How To Get A Handle On Losing Your Hair

The major thing that men have to realize when it comes to losing hair is that a bald head is better than a balding head. So when you realize, regardless of the age, that you are one of those men who just aren’t meant to have hair, acceptance is an important thing.

Common Taye Diggs Morris Chestnut

There are tones of hot famous bald men, like Common, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and even others that prefer to keep a skin cut like Tyson Beckford. The first step in tackling most issues in life is acceptance – understanding that it’s just how your body is and embracing it.


Step 1 – Get Thyself A Shaver
If you are going to start shaving your head then you need to get your hair as short as possible beforehand. Get your hands on a pair of clippers that will allow you to shave your hair down to a minimum of grade 1. If you have particularly long hair, try a grade 4-5 first and then a grade 1, to make sure you get everything even and neat.

Step 2 – Take The Plunge
Take a deep breath and get shaving! Either a wet shave or an electronic shave can work. If you are going to use an electric shaver then make sure it’s a good quality one and that you take your time with it. However, if you are going for a wet shave then make sure you have a fresh pair of blades. Invest in one of the razor pits shown below – they sharpen your razor blades to remove dullness and grime, providing you with the perfect close shave every time and prolonging the effectiveness of your blades.

Step 3 – Moisturise & Maintain
Once you’re done, wash with cold water and then apply a moisturizer to calm the skin and reduce irritation. Then, using a hand held mirror, check out your handy work looking for any rogue hairs or patches that may have been missed, while bearing in mind you will need to include your neck hair in this shaving routine too.

Considering you now have no hair on your head, other areas of maintenance will have to begin too – such as nose, ear and eyebrow hair. With these now being your only source of hair, it will be much more noticeable if they aren’t trimmed and tamed. Finally, you are free to experiment with facial hair, but don’t use it as a crutch or to over-compensate.



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