Men’s Fashion: How To Wear A Blazer Just Like Ice Prince!

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Ice Price makes a perfect impression with his look here! The rapper The Chocolate City rapper was spotted at last weekend’s One Voice Peace Concert in Lagos, wearing a neatly tailored black blazer, paired with match jeans. He layered by wearing a black & white tee and a pair of white Timbaland boots. He accessorieses with layers of gold necklaces and dark sunglasses.

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Gentleman all around the world know that the blazer is the easiest way to make the perfect first impression. Ask any sartorially-inclined man to recite his list of essentials, and the blazer is guaranteed to make it to the Top 5 (if not higher). It’s undeniable that the blazer is a significant part of almost every man’s wardrobe, but the garment possesses a surprising amount of versatility given its ubiquity.

Rules For A Casual Blazer

  • Ideally, it shouldn’t be part of a suit
  • It should be shorter in the body
  • It should be fitted to accommodate additional layers like a t-shirt, shirt, vest, etc.
  • Experiment with different colours, fabrics and patterns
  • Build a collection
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