Mercy, Sarah & Deborah- Survivors From Chibok’s Boko Haram Kidnapping Featured In Cosmopolitan

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Four girls who narrowly avoided abduction by Boko Haram’s massive abduction of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls are now thriving at Canyonville Christian Academy, aChristian international boarding school in Canyonville Oregon are featured in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

After escaping the kidnapping of hundreds of Chibok schoolgirls, Mercy, Sarah, and Deborah (and Grace who asked not to be photographed) are adjusting to a strange new life in small-town Oregon.

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The girls spoke exclusively to Cosmopolitan about their capture, escape and experiences in America. Mercy escaped by jumped off a moving truck. Deborah refused to talk about her experience. Grace made a run for it after she asked her captors to go to the bathroom– she made it to a nearby house, where strangers lied to protect her from the militants who came looking for her. Sarah was away from school the night of the abduction.

Now in the United States, the girls are learning about Facebook, staplers, and Christmas trees — but counselors say they’re not quite ready for bathing suits.


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