Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Woman That Was Released, Has Been Rearrested

This is just pathetic!


Just only yesterday we reported that the Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim that was held behind bars on the grounds of apostasy was freed yesterday, (June 23rd) . Click here to read and reunited withher family. It’s back to the sad tales again as she has been rearrested just at the time she, in fear of another assault was trying to leave her country of residence to the United States of America with her family, her husband being a resident of the US.

CNN reports that Meriam whose death sentence for refusing to renounce her Christian faith was revoked has been rearrested.Meriam Ibrahim, 27, and her husband, Daniel Wani, were arrested Tuesday, today, (June 24th) at an airport in Sudan’s capital as they were trying to leave the African country, Ibrahim’s legal team said.

Details about why the couple were arrested weren’t immediately available.Ibrahim, 27, was convicted in May by a Sudanese court on charges of apostasy, or the renunciation of faith, and adultery – charges that led to international controversy. Ibrahim was eight months pregnant when she was sentenced to suffer 100 lashes and then be hanged.

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