Messi Is Sending Warning Signals To Barcelona – Former Club President, Joan Gaspart


Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi has been sending warnings to Barcelona that he “doesn’t like how the club is going”, claims former president of the Liga giants Joan Gaspart.

The Argentine superstar has been discussing his future plans after it emerged that there is an exit clause in his current contract which would allow him to walk away from Camp Nou at the end of the season.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has offered no indication that he will be severing ties with the only club side of his professional career, but has not entirely committed his long-term future to the club either.

Messi told Sport:

“What I can say is that I want to be at Barcelona as long as possible. I’ve said throughout my career that this is my home.

“But I also don’t want to have a long-term contract and only be here because of it. I want to be here because physically I’m fine, to play and be an important member of the squad.”

He went on say, while admitting that he is not in talks regarding a new contract:

“I need to see there’s a winning team because I want to keep winning things at this club.

“For me, money or a clause don’t mean anything. Other things motivate me and the most important thing is having a winning team.”

Gaspart has been reading between the lines of those comments and believes he has spotted warning signs that Barcelona need to heed.

He told Cadena Ser on Messi’s exit clause: “[Andres] Iniesta and Xavi had things like this in their contracts, it’s nothing new.

“What Messi has is part of the philosophy of Barca. I know him well and I don’t think his words were a challenge to the club because it’s not his style.

“After every statement came a ‘but’ and while the club might understand them as irrelevant, I think they are warnings that he doesn’t like how the club is going.”


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