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Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi didn’t start out wanting to run for political office. He began his political career as a Special Assistant out of sheer desperation for a job but quickly realised the impact the dedication to public service could have in the real world.

It was this determination to make a difference and to better people’s lives that steadily drove him to elected office as Governor of Rivers State and to his current position as Minister of Transport.

THISDAY Style Magazine had a one-on-one interview with the former governor as he lets us in on his political expedition, his family and what the Transport sector looks like. Read an excerpt from the interview:

Being a very active politician, what strategies do you employ for work/life balance both as a husband and a father?

That’s a big challenge. I must praise my wife. Every day, you would hear her say she thought we would be able to mix the two. But it hasn’t been possible. I must praise her for being able to manage me and the family. She has played the role of a father, a mother and a wife.

Grab a copy of #thisdaystyle magazine to learn more on the minister.

Interview by @duchesskaykay

Photograph by @tybello



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